Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Robo-Skateboard


?From JapanSugoi:

It was just a matter of time before the Japanese scientists combined a
skateboard and a robot into a robot skateboard!  Developed by the Shibaura Institute of
in Tokyo, the robo skateboard prototoype weighs 15kg, is
30cm wide, 60cm long and 25cm tall.

This mean machine can tool you around the streets of Tokyo without
you breaking a sweat. You simply lean forward or back to get it to
move, and it can truck along at up to 6mph.  Its speed and direction
can be controlled by shifting your body weight. For example, when you
put your weight on either one of your feet, the skateboard will
automatically accelerate. There are load sensors on all four corners of
the board, motors (and wheels) on the sides and a control computer
unit in the middle.

The robo skateboard  is suitable for riders weighing up to 80kg and
can be used  continuously for about an hour on a single charge.

Enh, it’s not the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2, but it’ll do for the next five years.