The SDCC Thor Movie Footage Leaks All Over Your Face

Okay. This video — which is a wonderful five minutes long — leaked last night and is being pulled all over the place, so watch it while you can. A few thoughts:
? It looks much better than I expected, and I never particularly thought it was going to be awful.
? I’m impressed that the movie is working directly with the post-credits teaser from Iron Man 2; i.e., Coulson found the hammer in the desert? It’s still there in Thor.
? I’m also impressed that the movie goes out of its way to stress the whole science = magic thing we’ve been talking about. I think that justifies pretty much any design choice they happen to have.
? Helmets!
? I was about to scoff that Jane What’s-her-name apparently found what she thought was a homeless man and let him stay in her house, and then the next shot was of Chris Hemworth with his shirt off, and I’m like, “Oh. Right. That makes sense.”
? So is Thor just Thor in the movie? He knows he’s Thor the whole time, and maybe Donald Blake is only a name Jane gives him while he’s searching for his hammer? I think that’s probably a good call, but then, I’ve never understood the whole Donald Blake/Thor thing; every time I’ve read a comic with Thor in it he’s just been Thor. (Via Comics Alliance)