The 7 Biggest SDCC Announcements

7) The Infinity Gauntlet


?In all honesty, the fact that Marvel pulled out a movie prop of the fucking Infinity Gauntlet is insane and should be way higher than #10 on this list. But I’m cheating, because they pulled it out after I left SDCC and I could either do a separate news article on it and immediately follow that with this list which would include it. or just put it on the list at #10 so everyone can see it, and apologize. Obviously, I picked the latter.

So what the fuck? Is the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor? Is it part of the Avengers movie? Is it something Loki is after, or Red Skull, or even Thanos? Will Thanos be appearing in the Avengers movie? Because that would be totally fucked up. I’m going to guess it’ll appear in the Avengers movie, but honestly I have no idea who the villain will be. Update: As you can read in the comments below, IGN says Marvel says it will be hanging out in Odin’s trophy case along with the Cosmic Cube. And then, if Marvel decided to do an Infinity Gauntlet movie in 2023 or something, Thor will just be more retroactively awesome. Neat.

6) Brad Pitt to (Maybe Possibly Cross Your Fingers) Star in World War Z Movie
As announced offhandedly by author Max Brooks. Again, I hope to hell this is true — more importantly, I hope it stays true. This is exactly the kind of awesome news that falls apart on the long road to production, and we end up with a World War Z movie directed by Brett Ratner and starred Dane Cook.

5) Avatar: The Legend of Korra Sequel Announced
What? This news was technically before SDCC? Even before the Wednesday preview night started? Enh, close enough for me. Besides, it’s really awesome news and I thought it was worth remembering.

4) Avengers Confirmation
The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner will play Hawkeye. Mark Ruffalo will play Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Joss Whedon will direct, which we all pretty much knew back in April.

3) The Stabbing
Let’s do a little math here. SDCC usually brings in well over 100,000 attendees. Hall H, SDCC’s biggest seats 6500. Now, all the big panels are held in Hall H — all the big movie panels, this is where all the celebrities appear, it’s where all the new and often exclusive footage is shown. Do you think more than 6500 people want to see stuff in Hall H at a time? Yes.

Now, SDCC’s seating policy is not to make folks exit after every panel, so once you’re in Hall H, you’re in. Making the only chance of seeing a panel late in the day is to get in Hall H early and wait. Which means that given the other tens of thousands of people trying to get in Hall H at any moment, the earlier you get in line the better. Which means that well more than 6500 people line up for the day’s Hall H panels before the show even opens, and only leave once their panel has ended, slowly trickling out through the day. And of the thousands and thousands of people who line up throughout the day to see any one of the huge panels in Hall H… only a few thousand get in.

If you’re a dude who’s been waiting in Hall H all day to see a certain panel, and if you’re one of the dudes who’s been waiting in line all day and magically got into Hall H… well, I can see how tensions are high. Again, I’m not condoning stabbing people in the eye (well, generally. You know who you are).

2) Street Fighter Vs. Tekken
There will be two versions — one where the Tekken characters play on the SF4 fighting engine, and one where the Street Fighter characters play on Tekken‘s horrible, boring, button-mashing they pretend is some kind of fighting system. In case, you know, the problem with Street Fighter was that it controlled too well.

1) Nerds Defeat Assholes
The wack-jobs of the Westboro Baptist Church did indeed arrive at SDCC… or at least three of them did. They held their offensive signs and were being jackasses, until the marvelous nerds of SDCC decided they’d had enough. They formed a crowd of anti-protesters more than 100 strong, complete with signs mocking religious intolerance. They also chanted things like “What do we want?” “GAY SEX.” “When do we want it?” “NOW.” which wasn’t particularly classy but man oh man was it funny. We nerds are now allowed to worship our favorite comic book characters in peace.