SDCC: The Avengers Movie Announces Several Things We Already Know, and One Thing We Didn’t


?Joss Whedon had a panel to discuss the live-action Avengers movie, where he announced:

? Joss Whedon is directing the Avengers movie. Seriously. Everyone reported on this yesterday like it was news. I’m baffled. First of all, this, second of all, Joss Whedon was running the fucking Avengers movie panel. Because he’s the director. Grr, whatever.
? In other, more impressively official news, Jeremy Renner was confirmed as Hawkeye. So that’s cool.
? Whedon also denied that Nathan Fillion was going to play Ant-Man.

The one thing we didn’t know that got announced (but not at the panel)? That all those rumors of Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner/Hulk have been proven right, as Ruffalo has joined the Avengers cast. I feel like this is one of those things I should do a nerd rant on, but I can’t muster up the energy. I’d prefer Norton, but it’s not like Ruffalo is Tatum Channing or anything. And it’s not like there’s not a precedent for swapping Banners already. Enh.