DC Could Have Made Justice League/Transformers, But Didn’t


See the picture above? See Optimus Prime with a fucking Green Lantern ring? This is a panel from the Justice League/Transformers crossover pitched by Phil Jiminez… which DC turned down. Although IDW, who has the Transformers comic license, was cool with the idea, DC might not have had a choice in the matter — Hasbro has the Transformers master license, obviously, and is partnered pretty solidly with Marvel, and maybe Marvel wouldn’t have permitted it. BUT FUCK ARRRRGGGGHHHH NO WHY LOOK AT THIS:


In case you don’t feel miserable enough, here’s a last bit of salt in the wound, courtesy of Jiminez’s Twitter:

“You missed out on Wonder Woman’s invisible jet becoming a very cool Transformer.”

Fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk (Via Robot 6)