Tron Guy, Eat Your Heart Out

Tron fandom has come a long way since the days of Jay Maynard and his dayglow unitard. For proof, look no further than forums of the 3G Society. The digital artists who frequent the site have been busy of late with the CgTalk:FX Wars! Tron Tribute. What started as a friendly challenge to see who could create the best short inspired by the 1982 classic and its upcoming sequel quickly became a demonstration of ingenuity and one-upmanship that is yielding some of the stylish (and professionally made) fan films ever to hit the Internets. First up is Kiel Figgins’ Tron Homage: Disk Battle:

Tron Homage: Disk Battle from Kiel Figgins on Vimeo.

Short, but absolutely perfect. Not to be outdone, digital artist Garrick Campsey presents this lightcycle sequence that comes complete with Interceptors aplenty and its own Wilhelm Scream:

Along with providing their creators with bragging rights, the entries in the contest help stir up interest in Tron Legacy, giving Disney some free advertising along the way. Through playing around in the computerized landscape of Tron, these artists get to explore their imaginations while paying homage to a film that clearly influenced their career path. This isn’t typical viral marketing here, it’s something much more organic and sincere. (Via MovieViral)