Wonder What Whedon’s Wonder Woman Woulda Wooked Wike? Er, Looked Like?

wonder whedon.jpg

?Remember when Joss Whedon was hired to direct a live-action Wonder Woman for Warner Bros., only to have the project somehow canceled by Fox even though they had no involvement whatsoever? Geek Tyrant somehow dug up some concept art by Whedon’s go-to costume designer Shawna Trpcic of potential WW movie outfits, and, well, see for yourself.

A few things: 1) These may be fake, but I think they raise some interesting points anyways, so let’s roll with it; 2) Don’t waste everyone’s time by saying the drawings suck; Trpcic’s not Darwyn Cooke, she’s a fashion designer, so knocking her art is stupid. Focus on the outfits.

I think the trenchcoat is just as dated as the jacket DC just gave her in her redesign, so we can throw that out. I think the miniskirt in the far left pic is actually fine if not radically different from her normal costume. But I actually think the pants on the far right look pretty awesome; if she ditched the belly shirt and used the more regular top from the pic on the far left, I think we’d have a winner. But what startles me is actually how close that would be to WW’s new design.

No, I haven’t suddenly waffled on disliking Wonder Woman’s new duds. The jacket is obviously the main part of the problem. But I’d say that Trpcic’s pants/top combo are superior because they’re more superheroic, while WW’s new comic duds make her look more like a streetfighter, or Black Canary. She doesn’t look like an Amazon or goddess in leggings and some American Apparel top, and Trpcic’s combo seems less like clothes and more like… well, like a superhero outfit. Plus, and this may just be me, but what little I know of Diana’s Greek myth/warrior background, I just think she’d want to wear pants — not a dress, not a skirt, and not a one-piece swimsuit. What do you guys think?