Zombies, Why Did It Have to Be Zombies?

Just for the nerdiness of it, a clever game modder named Dives created this custom made Left 4 Dead map that allows that game’s characters to take a break from the non-stop zombie slaying and check out a computerized rendering of the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland. Clearly he didn’t learn a thing from Zombieland‘s ending, otherwise he would have realized that visiting a theme park when the dead are walking the Earth is never a good idea. Oh well. Dives also created an equally nifty “Zombies of the Caribbean” mod that you can watch here. The big question here is whether he is making an anti-consumerism statement that compares the legions of fanny-packed parents who aimlessly roam Disney’s parks to braineaters, or if he just really digs amusement rides and zombies. (Via BoingBoing)