Dark Horse Gets Their Whedon Together

buffangel 1262982870.jpg

?Fuck you guys. I know the comments will be flooded with jokes about how I love sucking Joss Whedon’s dick — a creator probably several hundred people down on my list of nerd celebrities I’d like to give oral sex to (I assume; I haven’t actually written it down) — but I don’t care, I’m somewhat excited that Dark Horse is getting the rights to make Angel comics again. I’ve actually enjoyed most of the Buffy season 8 comics, and I’m glad that one company will be handling both Buffy and Angel storylines going forward, since they’re both doing official sequels to the shows, especially since the Buffy season 9 and Angel season 7 comics, due out next year, are supposed to tie-in to each other some way. I won’t feel bad for that, and I won’t not post this news just ’cause you dickweeds are going to make fun of me. So there. Nyeah. (Via Robot 6)