Darren Aronofsky May Possibly Maybe Direct Wolverine 2 (Almost Certainly Not)

aronofsky wolverine.jpg

?From Deadline:

On the X-Men: Wolverine 2 front, 20th Century Fox is between David Slade and Darren Aronofsky, I’m told. Slade, who just directed the summer hit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, met over the weekend with Hugh Jackman on location where he is shooting Real Steel for DreamWorks. Aronofsky has also been talking with Jackman, and they have a good relationship that dates back to The Fountain, when Jackman stepped in after Brad Pitt dropped out.

There’s just no way this is going to happen. It’s not that I really doubt Deadline — they get more shit right than most — but I cannot conceive that we live in a world where the director of Pi and Requiem for a Dream directs Wolverine 2. I just can’t. I can’t imagine Fox can imagine it either; I’m guessing Aronofsky is on the short list just to make Fox execs feel daring and proud of themselves. Still, this would pretty much be the ultimate in wishful thinking — and would end up one of those rare cases where there’s a genuinely good sequel to a totally horrible original. But I’m not holding my breath.

And on a totally unrelated note, does anyone else think Aronofsky looks a lot like Rimmer from Red Dwarf? Someone needs to put an H on his head.