Why the Hell Is Phoenix in the Wolverine Movie?


This weird tidbit about The Wolverine come out a few days ago, but I got distracted with a bunch of other news that was less annoying. It seems that Famke Janssen flew into Sydney to shoot a cameo as Jean Grey/Phoenix for the movie.

I don’t approve (because you know how Fox executives hang on my every misspelled word). First of all, the whole Phoenix thing was bungled so badly in X-Men 3 that I have no desire to bring the character back. Second, I can’t think of a good goddamn reason why Jean Grey or Phoenix would be in Japan, where The Wolverine takes place; maybe it’s a dream sequence or something, but it’s still almost certainly going to be far more distracting and confusing than cool. Last and most importantly, the best thing X-Men: First Class did was give a soft reboot to the impressively fucked X-Men movie continuity (in the sense that it caused so many more problems, I think most of us assumed they were more or less starting over). Bringing Phoenix back for The Wolverine re-establishes all the X-movies are indeed one universe, albeit one that makes zero fucking sense. I was really, really hoping that with Millar in charge, or at least consulting, they’d keep moving forward. Now they seem like they’ve figured out the cameo aspect Marvel has being doing so successfully, but not the actual continuity part. Hrrm. (Via Twitch)