Disney Releases New Star Tours Video, Claims It Means Nothing

We all know Disney’s making a new Star Tours attraction next year, but they’ve kept traditionally mum on what the hell it will entail, other than being set in-between the two trilogies. Well, the Disney Park Blog just released the above promo video, which says specifically that you will be taken to Alderaan, Bespin and Endor — all well and good, except that the blog also says that “we cannot confirm that you will travel to any of the destinations shown in this video . . .”

What the fuck? So someone made a Star Tours promo video about places that won’t be featured on the ride? That’s stupid, and highly unlikely. On the other hand, to claim that these places won’t be featured on the ride — while showing a promo video for these places — is also phenomenally stupid, unless you actually know one of them won’t. In which case the first stupidity applies. Hmm. Someone is really fucking stupid, is all I know. Thanks to Michael S. for the tip.