DVD Day: August 24th, 2010


?? Lost: The Complete Collection
This is the one in the temple packaging with the game and the ankh and the other junk. It’s $150, and the Blu-ray set is $200. Also out today is the sixth season, which I didn’t feel like listing separately. And both of these things have the 12-minute epilogue if, you know, you didn’t watch it when it leaked all down the pants leg of the internet. I liked the epilogue, but I tell you this: it wasn’t worth $150.

? The Simpsons: 13th Season
Um… this is the season with the Stan Lee episode. Also the box has Ralph Wiggum on the cover. That’s all I got.

? Time Bandits
On Blu-ray! HD time-traveling midget action! Can’t beat that.

? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part II
Covering volumes 8-13 of the original manga, which if I remember correctly, is where the manga and the first FMA series split ways. So I think this is the first bit of the new stuff in Brotherhood.

? Survival of the Dead
A more-direct-than-usual-for-Romero sequel to Diary of the Dead. I guess if you liked Diary you’ll like this. Although that doesn’t seem particularly likely.

? Shogun Assassin 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Better known as the Lone Wolf and Cub movie — one man and his toddler basically kill a jillion samurai, ninjas, and other assorted bastards in the most brutal ways possible. By all accounts this Blu-ray is beautiful and pristine.

? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever
As discussed, Nickelodeon/4Kids has cut 8 minutes out of the wonderful Turtles Forever special — the one where the new cartoon Turtles meet the old cartoon Turtles and both are freaked out by the badassery of the original comic Turtles — and released it only in full-screen, even though it was made in widescreen. Even if you loved this thing, I wouldn’t buy this pitiful release purely on principle.

? Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection
If you don’t own both seasons already, watch this. Then buy this. No excuses. Moving on.

? Death Note Collection
Don’t get too excited; it’s just the two live-action movies. Honestly, although I’ve seen them both within the last year, I have zero recollection about them. I guess that means they weren’t that great.

? Red Vs. Blue Season 7: Recreation
I was trying to research what’s happening in RvB so I could explain what’s happened in this season, and I swear to God so much has happened and everything’s gotten so weird and complicated I have no idea what the hell is going on. Suffice to say, I don’t even think the Red guys and the Blue guys are even trying to shoot each other anymore.

? Metamorphosis
Wonder what Christopher Lambert’s been up to recently? Making shitty movies trying to ride the coattails of Twilight, apparently.