I’m Not Sure DC Understands How “Value” Works


?Okay. Let’s start from the beginning. DC starts make 10-12 short films and packing them as extras on their animated DVD movies. This includes things like Jonah Hex, Green Arrow, and The Spectre. Sure, you have to buy the more expensive two-disc editions or the Blu-ray, but it’s still a cool extra, and by all accounts they’re all pretty good.

Here’s where things get stupid — DC is releasing a collection of those three shorts, along with a brand-new one starring Superman and Captain Marvel/Shazam called The Return of Black Adam. For $20, or $30 on Blu-ray. For a DVD which, unless I’m missing something, containing only 48 minutes of entertainment — and only 12 of that new.

I assume this is geared for the guys who only rented the DC DVD movies or bought the single disc versions, and never saw the shorts. But if they’re cheap enough to only buy the single disc of the movies, why on god’s earth would they pay that much for the shorts? And what of all the loyal fans who actually did buy the full, 2-disc special editions? Are they going to have to pay $30 for a goddamn 12-minute short? Chud says there’ll be 2.5 hours of extras, which is is like a pie made out of 85% crust.

Ah well. At least this means the shorts will be finally be available on Netflix.