I’m Pretty Sure This Is the Droid I Was Looking For


?I’m sure most of you have heard about Verizon’s Star Wars-themed, R2-D2-inspired Droid phone by now, but this pic — from the just started Star Wars Celebration V in sunny (or)Lando, Flordia — is the first I’ve actually seen of it. I’m not going to lie; despite loving my IPhone, I’m ready to toss it in the trash to get one of these things. I understand there’s no rhyme or reason. I know that I’d prefer the iPhone Mac interface, since that what’s I’ve been used for the last decade. But it looks like fucking R2-D2. Argument over. The worst part?

Someone made an X-Wing Targeting Computer/GPS app. Which you can install. On your phone that looks like R2-D2. Holy fucking shit, people. Thanks to Christopher S for the tip and the article title. (Via Android & Me and Gizmodo)