Insert “Captain Jack of All Trades” Joke Here

John Barrowman has taken a break from dancing to Beyonc? to co-script a story for the debut Torchwood comic that Titan will release on August 10th. Written with his sister Carole and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards (whose work you may know from Marvel 1985), “Captain Jack and the Selkie” finds the immortal ex-Time Agent, Gwen and Ianto investigating a series of deaths in Scotland that may be caused by mythological mermaid-type creatures. (The events depicted take place before Children of Earth, thus explaining why Ianto is on hand to fetch coffee/have sex with Jack). The issue also features the tale “Broken,” written by frequent Doctor Who comic/novel scribe Gary Russell and drawn by Adrian Salmon. Apparently it features the return of a character from Torchwood, but damn if I can find out who. Stupid Internet that won’t let me spoil things for myself. Is it Bilis Manger? I hope so, that character had potential and as such, completely vanished in the goofy manner that was so representative of the show’s first two seasons. Regardless, both of these stories previously appeared in Titan’s Torchwood magazine, so if you regularly read that you can probably avoid the double dip. For the rest of you the comic should prove to be a nice holdover until the show finally returns via new network Starz next summer. (Via Life, Doctor Who & Combom)