Obvious News: Other Marvel Properties to Become Movies

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It’s a Friday in August, so that means it’s also an incredibly slow news day. Which is why I’m desperate enough to report that Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege recently told MTV that many other characters from the House of Ideas may be making their way to the silver screen. Shocking, right?:

Beyond “Runaways,”
little is known about Marvel’s plans for how to proceed once “The
Avengers” lands in theaters. Speaking with MTV News, Marvel studio
chief Kevin Feige
discussed some of the possible projects they’re looking at as
follow-ups to the “Avengers” franchise once all’s said and done on Iron
Man, Thor and Captain America’s first big screen team-up.

“I think what Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have done with ‘Iron Fist‘ lately is exciting,” Feige told MTV News. “I think ‘Black Panther‘ and Wakanda has some amazing potential to be a feature film. ‘Doctor Strange,’
as you’ve mentioned. There are some obscure titles, too, like
‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I think they’ve been revamped recently in a
fun way in the book.”

Of course, Marvel already has its fair share of established characters that could carry their own film, such as War Machine, Black Widow and — most especially, considering his reported nine picture dealSamuel L. Jackson’s very own Nick Fury. Is it possible that fans will ever see a Fury-centric film?

“I think the answer is yes,” said Feige. “I think S.H.I.E.L.D. could
be it’s own franchise. I think, frankly, ‘The Avengers’ is going to be
told from that point of view more so than any of the other films at
that point, so we’re going to get an inside look [at how S.H.I.E.L.D.] operates.”

Well, duh. Obviously these films are cash cows for Marvel/Disney, so the continued franchise building makes sense. Some of this infomation from Feige seems to contradict the previously mentioned plans for 10-minute Marvel shorts (in which Black Panther and Doctor Strange were both named as potential candidates). It’s confusing for sure. But at this point, it’s likely that Feige and company are just spitballing ideas and looking to get The Avengers underway before concretely making plans for the second generation of Marvel films. Some other suggestions: Damage Control, ROM: Spaceknight, Dazzler, a Howard the Duck reboot, Planet Terry, etc. (Via MTV Splashpage)