Holy @#$%ing @#$%, Russian Nerds Have Started a Cult Around Gadget Hackwrench


?I swear this is absolutely true. A group of Russian nerds has begun worshiping Rescue Rangers‘ Gadget Hackwrench — the shapely mouse who is already the star of too many adolescent nerd fantasies and fan fics — as some sort of… something. From Oddity Central:

Well, believe it or not, a group of Russian fans of
Gadget Hackwrench have created a new religion, with the above mentioned
cartoon character as the idol. They pray to posters of her, gather to
talk about how incredibly great she is, compose songs about her, and
spread stickers of Miss Hackwrench, wherever they go. It’s pretty
unbelievable, but if Maradona has his own cult, why couldn’t Gadget

Here’s what some of her worshipers think of their rodent goddess:
“She is the divine being, the most untouched and perfect sibling of the
great God on Earth”. “Why I love her? It’s a stupid question, how could
I not love the Goddess?”. “She is strict, cute, optimistic and her
level of technical knowledge is unachievable for a mortal being.”

English Russia has pics of Gadget’s minions celebrating her in the aforementioned ways.


?I’m not going to lie; this disturbs the holy fuck out of me. Really, once you cross that long leap to worshiping a cartoon character, it’s a much smaller step to sacrificing a human being in worship of that cartoon character. But you know the worst part of all this? It means the Westboro Baptist Church was right. But on the bright side, maybe they’ll all move to Russia. Infinite thanks to Nerd Bastards for the tip.