Someone Made an 8-Minute, Heavy Metal Epic Theme Song for the Wheel of Time

That someone is the German band Blind Guardian, whose new album “At the Edge of Time” includes music based on all sorts of fantasy series, including George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice and Michael Moorcock’s Elric goofiness. Besides “Wheel of Time” here, there’s also another WoT-themed song on the album, called “Ride Into Obsession,” which lead vocalist/bass player Hansi Kursch describes as “An introduction to the main characters, the Dragon Reborn and the Dark Lord Ba’alzamon.” Alas, there’s no song about Robert Jordan’s misogyny, morbid obesity, horrific overpadding of his novels, or the time he got both his hands stuck in two separate Pringles cans, but I imagine many of you are interested in checking this album out anyway. You can read about the different tracks here, and pre-order the album itself here (it’s due out on August 24th).