They’re Classing Up PAX with a Little Theater


?Videogames? Pshaw. Videogames aren’t art; we know this because an old man who refuses to play videogames once told us so. Theater — now that’s some art. And now a bit of the theater is coming to the Penny Arcade Expo next month when Critical Threat Theatre puts on a production of Cameron McNary’s “Of Dice and Men.” There’s little to say about the play, other than 1) it’s about role-players, 2) one of them is about to go off to fight in Iraq, 3) by all accounts the gamers are not hideous, social mutants unable to function in normal society, for which we should all be grateful, and 4) apparently those that got a preview of the play at PAX East all loved it. The play will premiere on Friday, September 3rd, at 7:30 pm, assuming it raises enough money; please consider donating, as this is the kind of thing that nerds could use a lot more of.