Time and Relative Dress(es) in Space


?Tara Reich is a fashion designer who is also a nerd. This works out pretty well, in my opinion, since she’s making genuinely classy outfits out of sci-fi themes, like the ’60s-ish Doctor Who/TARDIS dress above. Check out this profile of her over at China Shop Mag, where you can see designs for Dalek-inspired dresses, Cyberman dresses, UFO dresses, one I think might be Maria from Metropolis, and more — and then you can check out more of her work at her site here.

Oh, and guys, can you do me a favor? Let’s not get crass or mean here; there’s just no call for it. She’s a cool nerd chick who does cool nerd stuff, and that’s why I posted her on TR. I’ll be deleting comments that go, shall we say, off-topic. Much thanks to Geek Girl Diva for the tip.