Toy News Trifecta: Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Star Wars

Ghostbusters II.jpg

? Remember in Ghostbusters II when the guys ran around New York City wearing Santa Claus hats? Now you can relive the magic of that second-long scene with this five-pack of figures that will be available exclusively at Toys R Us this holiday season. This will set you back $50, so let the humbugging commence. Kind of off-topic, but The Real Ghostbusters did a Christmas Carol-themed episode, right? Man that show was great. (Via GB Fans)

who 2 pack.jpg

? The Doctor Who four-parter “The Claws of Axos” gets some toy love with this two-pack of figures featuring The Master (Roger Delgado) and the Axos monster (some surly Brit in a suit who wants nothing more than the peaceful oblivion a few pints will bring). This releases in September and is currently available for pre-order through your favorite online toy broker for $39. Not that you can put a price on evil goateed plastic joy. (Via Doctor Who Toys)

Vintage Star Wars.jpg

?? One of the many toy announcements at the Star Wars Celebration V whathaveyou was this Target exclusive nine-pack of figures from Hasbro that comes in vintage The Empire Strikes Back-themed packaging. Awesomely enough, the recent AT-AT will also be available in retro-packaging through Toys R Us later this year. My apologies if this seems dull, it’s just that seeing new product in old looking boxes makes me a bit tingly. Check out the full scoop on the rest of the Star Wars toy announcements from this past weekend at Jedi Insider.