TR Contest: The Best Scene from the Chinese Battlestar Galactica DVD

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You remember this post from earlier in the week — the insane cover to the Chinese bootleg BSG DVD, featuring the Enterprise, a Stargate, and a couple of things that actually appeared in BSG. Some of started theorizing what might actually be in that show proper, and it dawned on me that would be a great TR contest. So that’s it. Bonus points will be given if you stick to the nonsense printed on the packaging, but if you have a great idea that involves the Death Star showing up, I won’t hold it against you. Extra bonus points for having “a Saw-like twist at the end.”

Please note — as I’ve said several hundred times this week, I’m moving to Washington DC this weekend. Chris Cummins will be taking care of you on Monday while I pray Comcast sets up my new internet. This also means I have absolutely zero idea when I’ll get around to selecting the winners, so don’t be surprised if it’s Wednesday or even Thursday. I wasn’t even going to do a contest this weekend, but then Doctor Smashy sounded so desperate for one.

Okay, enough of that. One entry per person, around 100 words max entry (yes, I will simply skip any I deem to be too long), and the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, August the 16th. You guys have a great weekend, and please, watch out for those sex vampires.