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Yogi Bear Likes Stealing Picnic Baskets, Inducing Nightmares


Yogi Terror.jpg


No longer content with idling away the hours fucking with Ranger Smith and picking ticks from Boo Boo’s nether regions, Yogi Bear will be leaving Jellystone to inflict cinematic terror upon moviegoers when his 3-D, CGI nightmare opens at Christmas. (Most wonderful time of the year my ass). The folks over at /Film stumbled upon this new poster — in which they accurately compare Yogi to Pedobear. There are two things that are most striking about this. First, Warner Bros. is just asking for trouble with that tagline, especially given the stance Yogi is taking behind his little buddy in this pic. Secondly, Boo’s Boo’s eyes. They are so dead that I know exactly how Dr. Loomis felt when he first gazed upon Michael Myers’ expressionless face.


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