Book Video Trifecta: The Sheriff of Yrnameer, Hitchhiker’s Guide, The Making of Empire Strikes Back

Weird, right? But three videos for three excellent books popped up at roughly the same time. Who am I to argue?

? The Sheriff of Yrnameer is out in paperback. If you missed my review, it’s the best sci-fi/comedy since Douglas Adams’ passed away, and I’m not saying that lightly. Buy it. Or watch this teaser, and then go buy it.

Hitchhikers Guide promo (Faceout Books) from Faceout Studio on Vimeo.

? Speaking of Douglas Adams, the U.K is getting versions of all five parts of the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy that you can customize with stickers for the books’ 30th anniversary. I’m pretty jealous.

? If you’re any kind of Star Wars fan or movie buff, you should’ve picked up the massive Making of Star Wars, that detailed every step of the movie’s production, from the infinite amount of script to Lucas trying to get studio funding to set troubles to everything. It was amazing, and full of incredible pics and details. Now, the same dude is about to release The Making of The Empire Strikes Back, and if possible I’m more excited.