The Power of Love < The Power of Garbarino!

Hey, you remember Garbarino, right? The Argentinian electronics store that Doc Brown recently drove his time-traveling DeLorean into and then accosted a young couple nearby? Well, apparently that was the teaser, and this is the commercial proper. Several things to note here: 1) This makes far more sense as a commercial, as 1985 Doc is thrilled at Garbarino’s amazing wares; 2) despite the Doc Brown make-up, Christopher Guest Lloyd does appear to have aged at a reasonable rate, meaning I no longer suspect him of having an actual time machine; and 3) what a great commercial, seriously. Those Doc Brown “inventions” are very well thought-out and well-done. Bully for you, Garbarino! And bully for all the Argentinian Topless Roboteers who sent this in! I have no idea why there’s so many of you, but I’m thrilled to have you! 4) Really, what’s love compared to an Argentinian electronics store that makes Back to the Future-themed commercials? Not much. Not much at all.