I Don’t Know That Dylan Dog Will Have His Day

I’ve got to admit a soft-spot for Dylan Dog even though I’ve never read a page of the Italian comic. This is entirely because of the movie Cemetery Man, a.k.a. Dellamorte Dellamore, which was a movie based on a character in the Dylan Dog universe. I love the bejeezus out of Cemetery Man, and I’m predisposed to wish the Dylan Dog movie well. Unfortunately, the movie seems kind of doomed. Although it started production in 2007, it’s only now slinking into theaters next month in Italy, with still no word about a U.S. release of any kind. And then there’s the trailer:

I… I don’t know what to say about this. Other than yes, that is the werewolf from the U.S. Being Human as Dylan’s zombie sidekick (created just for the movie! Fans always love when that happens!). I mean, it’s probably terrible. If it were good, it would’ve been a hit in Italy years ago, where they love the hell out of Dylan Dog. It just bums me out, is all. Which is as good a reason as any for me to rewatch Cemetery Man tonight. (Via /Film)