DC Collectibles Swamp Thing Action Figure…With Wings and Antlers?


Wait…so Swamp Thing is now Herne the Hunter as an angel?

Boy, I’ve missed something when it comes to this character. I’m sure there’s some kind of narrative explanation – wait, this is DC’s New 52, so I can’t be sure of that at all – but I wouldn’t say the lack of antlers and wings ever bothered me before. Anyway, DC Collectibles is turning him into a giant, overpriced action figure. I’d suggest to you that the Mattel Comic-Con one from a couple years ago might be a better deal.

Still, not the worst thing that’s ever happened to the character. It’s significant that, almost alone among major comic book characters, Swampie has nobody clamoring for toys based on his movie appearances. Bless the late Dick Durock for trying, but it just never worked.

Video of the new toy after the jump – warning: it autoplays.


via GetSomeGrapeSoda