This Upcoming TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Fan Film Looks Terrifying


Let’s face it – Tokka and Rahzar in the original movies didn’t scare any of us half as much as when Bebop and/or Rocksteady showed up at the end of a level in the arcade game and started kicking our young gamer asses. Thanks to a Cracked article, I came across a trailer for a fan film that gives me flashbacks to that “Oh shit, my Turtle’s gonna die now” vibe I used to get back in the day (which was irrational, given that I only played using huge rolls of quarters that didn’t run out).

Seriously, seeing these guys in motion, slobbering and shooting off automatic weapons while drunk, is pretty damn creepy. If Sheamus and Uncle Ruckus are even close to this in the real movie sequel I’ll be impressed (which is unlikely).

Watch and see…