DVD Day: September 7th, 2010


?? Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season
So this Supernatural set is the #1 best-selling DVD of the week on Amazon. Seeing as it’s up against The Office and Chuck and Smallville, that’s got to feel good for Supernatural fans.

? Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season
This set does include the Geoff Johns-penned Justice Society two-parter, so… there’s that.

? Chuck: The Complete Third Season
Meanwhile, this Smallville set is outselling Chuck. That doesn’t seem right.

? Forbidden Planet
On Blu-ray. The sci-fi flick nerdy English teachers can feel good about making their class watch, since it’s based on The Tempest.

? Doctor Who DVDs
Another scattershot set of releases, including Planet of Fire (story 135), The King’s Demons (129) and The Creature from the Pit (106).

? Mars Attacks
On Blu-ray. Pretty much the last film Tim Burton made before he collapsed under his own Tim Burton-iness.

? Lost in Space
The 1995 movie remake starring Matt LeBlanc, on Blu-ray. This raises the question: WHY GOD WHY

? THX 1138
The “George Lucas Director’s Cut” — easily one of the most horrifying four-word combinations in cinematic history.

? The Phantom
The Syfy TV movie version. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that Phantom TV series, so if you were a fan of The Douche Who Walks, this is very likely all you’re getting.

? Hammer Horror 4-Pack
A TCM sponsored four-pack of The Horror of Dracula, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, The Curse of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Not a bad set for $20.

? TMNT 4-Pack
All three live-action movies and the CG TMNT movie, on two DVDs, but for $11.50.