Smallville Giveth, and Smallville Taketh Away

When I last reported on Smallville‘s two-part, Geoff Johns-written, JSA-featuring special episode called Absolute Justice, I was shutting the hell up. After making fun of a few of the costumes, The CW finally released a trailer which, while it might just be a well-made trailer, made it look awesome. I figured I owed it to ’em to stop ragging on it. But then, several days ago, The Nerdy Bird — of Has Boobs, Reads Comics fame — found a promotional poster for Absolute Justice, and, well, look:


?How this thing isn’t a direct-to-VHS movie from 1994 is beyond me. It looks like a spin-off from Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four. I feel like Clark’s going to start talking about how the real power comes from Jesus or something. I hope to god the trailer is more accurate than the poster, because otherwise, we’re gonna be in for a rough two hours when I live-blog Absolute Justice beginning at 8pm EST on February 5th.

Oh, and I would be a cad and a bounder if I didn’t take this opportunity to mention that the Nerdy Bird, the lovely Ms. Jill Pantozzi, has a new column on TR‘s sister site Heartless Doll, titled, “Hey, That’s My Cape!” If you’d like to read someone who knows what they’re talking about re: comics (for a change), check it, would you?