Epic Mickey Is Starting to Look a Little Epic

You guys are in luck. I wads all prepared to show off some of the new videos for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII, despite the fact that I hated FF Regular XIII and can’t stop bitching about it (because as a nerd, even though I hate something, that doesn’t mean I can’t be obsessed with it). But Squenix pulled the videos, so I was forced to put up this new Epic Mickey trailer from my nerd-brahs over at Joystick Division, and damned if it doesn’t look pretty good. Maybe a little epic, even. I’m still a bit worried about all the heart storylines seemingly ripped out of Kingdom Hearts, but it still looks like a pretty neat action/platform game. At the very least, it doesn’t have Donald and Goofy in it, so I don’t have ton worry about them slathering anybody’s ass with honey.