Japan’s Fascination with Irrelevent American Rock Stars Is Freaking Me Out

space battlesmith yamato.jpg


Yesterday, we learned that Bandai had made a special limited edition Gundam model, packed with a Linkin Park CD and featuring crazy yet official art of the Linkin Park doofuses as Gundam pilots. This news did not at all prepare me for this (from Anime News Network):

Steven Tyler, the vocalist of the American rock band Aerosmith, is singing the theme song for the live-action film version of the Space Battleship Yamato anime franchise.
Tyler wrote the “Love Lives” song specifically for the film, and the
single will go on sale in Japan on November 24. It is Tyler’s first solo

After his agent received the official offer from the Yamato production staff, Tyler looked over an English translation of the script and production materials. He responded to the Yamato’s theme of “I want to protect the ones I love” and agreed to write a song.

What. The Fuck. I still haven’t adjusted to the Linkin Park nonsense, and now you’re telling me that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is singing — and writing — an original song for the live-action Star Blazers movie? Fucking madness. Seriously — am I dead? Is this the Twilight Zone? Are we in the The Matrix? Because I don’t think this should be happening.