Lego Has Officially Become an Awesome Factory



Toymania has pics — okay, one pic, but it has all of them — of Lego’s third series of individual mini-figures. You’ll likely remember the series as the line that had the Lego luchador, Lego Mime, Lego Spartan, Lego 10th century explorer, Lego zombie, Lego disco maniac, etc. As you can see, the third series is keeping the awesome levels high with a Lego samurai, Lego Biggles, Lego grizzled fisherman, Lego sumo wrestler, Lego mummy, Lego ape, and more. But I’d like to call your attention to the figure on the second row, second from the right. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you — it’s an official Lego Douchebag. Amazing! (Via 16bit)