Mega Man Universe Doesn’t Look Very Mega, Actually

Most of us recall the crazy Mega Man Universe teaser which featured claymation Mega Man, 8-bit Mega Man, NES Mega Man cover Old Man Mega Man, Ryu from Street Fighter, and more (which is not to be confused with the Korean-made MMO Mega Man Online). Most of us probably recall there wasn’t any gameplay to be seen — although now that some has shown up, I kind of which it hadn’t. Right now, it just looks like a normal 2-D Mega Man game with oddly designed 3-D characters. It’s not exciting at all. Sure, there’s a glimpse of Ryu at the end, but not playing — and even if he did, it’s just be a weird looking Mega Man version of Super Mario Crossover. I just hope there ends up being more to it than this. Thanks to SelectiveRealism for the tip anyways.