Someone Has Rescued the Rescue Rangers


?From Comics Alliance:

After launching a four-issue miniseries based on “Darkwing Duck,” a
superhero parody spun off from “DuckTales,” Boom! Studios is returning
to the Disney Afternoon once again with an ongoing “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers” comic that launches this December. “Rescue Rangers” will be scripted by Ian Brill, the writer of the “Darkwing Duck” miniseries, and artist Leonel Castellani.

? And thus, a new generation will learn to masturbate to a buxom mouse.
? TaleSpin‘s gotta be next, right? I bet TaleSpin‘s next.
? I think we know a few Russian lunatics who are going to be pretty excited by this news.
Head over to Comics Alliance for an interview with Brill.