The 25 Best and Most Adorable MRVLCATS



Whoever said Twitter was a big time sucker… well, they’re right, but that doesn’t mean nothing good comes out of it on occasion. For your amusement, I present #MRVLCATS. What the hell is #MRVLCATS and why is it missing a few vowels? That’s the internet for ya.

It started early last Friday morning when Editor and talent scout for Marvel Comics, C.B. Cebulski, gave one of his usual and often repeated pieces of advice: “For the last time, MARVEL DOES NOT ACCEPT WRITING SUBMISSIONS OR PITCHES! At cons, through the mail, online or anywhere else!” To which his friend and established artist Katie Cook replied, “”HOW i am supposed to submit my pitch for the all kitten cast of the avengers? ;P” Cebulski said he and Editor Ryan Penagos (a.k.a. Agent M) would make it happen.

Well, writer/artist Chris Eliopoulos had something to say about that. After all, he did write “Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers” for Marvel. In a playful move for control he drew Captain America as an adorable cat. Cook raised him a kitty Modok and the rest was meme history.
Considering it wasn’t just 140 characters people needed to write in order to keep the thing going but actual illustrations that took time to draw, and in most cases color, I was shocked to see there over 130 #MRVLCATS lounging around Twitter throughout the weekend. Damn lazy cats. Luckily for you I kept track and assembled the Top 25.

25) Kitty Von Doom by Stephen Wittmaak



Do you think he rusts when he tries to groom himself?

24) Spider-Cat by Chris Eliopoulos



This from the man who started it all.

23) Juggercat by Cat Staggs



I think I’m more frightened of this one than the real thing.

22) Manx-Thing by Tyler Shepard



No one dared go down this route, which is why I had to pick it. Also, tentacles? Always a plus.

21) Kystique by Amy Mebberson



She’s a hottie even as a feline. Not fair.

20) Brian Meooowwrr Bendis by Mathias Lorenz



The hashtag was taken over for a while by people trying to get Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis’ attention after h e told everyone he hated #MRVLCATS. People that hate cute things can’t be trusted in my opinion.

19) Kitten Sinister by Clayton Cowles



He soon realized you didn’t need fancy cloning technology to make cats breed.

18) Deadpool Kitty by Dan Jones



The feline mercenary with the Meowth.


17) Pussy Widow and Iron Cat by Mark Brooks



Notice the urine. That is all.

16) Cat Dazzler by Katie Cook



Katie was a #MRVLCAT drawing monster last weekend. She created tons and they were all ADORABLE. Par the course for her.

15) Spider-Cat and His Amazing Friends by Bobby Timony



I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but Firecat looks like she’s about to kick Spider-Cat’s ass and Icecat looks like he’s going to eat Firecat. I like it.

14) Cat-neto by Jeremy Treece



This is when purring comes in handy.

13) Run, Cats, Runaway by Caanan



You had me at Dinosaurcat.

12) Ghost Rider Kitty by Matthew Warlick



I hope to god I never see a kitty skull in real life, but this is just badass.

11) Thaoour by Lar deSouza



Dubbed “The Meowty Thor” by Agent M. It was just one of many awesome #MRVLCATS by deSouza.

10) Kitteh Thing by Talon Jennings



I don’t care if they’re supposed to be soft and cuddly, I want this cat NOW.

9) Luke Cage, Purrr Cat by Evan “Doc” Shaner



Also resistant to dog bites and needles to the ass. I had a cat like that once.


8) Catclops by Rogan Josh



This modern looking #MRVLCAT stood out from the crowd.

7) Catman America by Chris Eliopoulos



A.k.a. Captain Americat, a.k.a. what started it all.

6) Frank Catsle by David Ortiz



You’re a good kitty, Tommy. Grow up to be a good cat. Because if you don’t, I’ll be waiting.

5) The Catastic 4 by Mike Maihack



There is so much creativity in this one it blows my mind.

4) Stan “The Cat” Lee by Lar deSouza



Bendis wasn’t the only non-character to be turned into a #MRVLCAT but I think we can all agree Stan is a character all his own.

3) CatPocolypse by Skottie Young



He secretly plots your demise and stares at you while you sleep. So, basically just like any other cat.

2) Sandcat and Spider-Cat by Katie Cook



Sheer cuteness would have given this the number one spot but I restrained myself and went another route…

1) Gwen Catsy by Mark Brooks



Oh yes, he went there. It’s so wrong, it’s right.

If you’d like to see more #MRVLCATS check out Agent M’s blog where he was posting a good majority of the entries. He loves cats more than any man I’ve ever met however, contrary to popular belief, he does not possess superpowers and doesn’t have time to get them all up. Try searching the hashtag #MRVLCATS on Twitter instead.