A Klingon Opera, with Bonus Passive-Aggressive Nerd Scorn

Because when you think of a beautiful, lilting language that desperately cries out to be sung for three hours, you think of Klingon. Actually, my favorite part about this thing is scarcely veiled contempt the newswoman has for the entire ordeal, which she clearly ranks as several rungs below, say, surfing dogs. Because, obviously, you can’t possibly have even heard of a Klingon without still living in your parents’ basement so you can spend your income on toys. It’s not like Star Trek is one of the most popular franchises in pop culture, or had one of the highest-grossing movies of last year. No, if you’ve heard of a Klingon before, you’re clearly wearing a pit-stained Punisher t-shirt, have a toy lightsaber clutched in your hand, and are masturbating furiously to some X-rated Japanese cartoon at this very moment. No question about it. I SAID NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. YOU ARE. (Via New York)