TR Review: Annville Ale

re Annville Ale Photo.jpg

?There’s a small brewer named Frank Wegloski in Downers Grove, Illinois, who likes Preacher. A lot. Well, enough to brew a beer named after Annville, the Texas hellhole where Jesse Custer first gets his divine powers in the comic. I begged him to send me some He graciously sent me a bottle for review.

Annville Ale is a smooth, full-bodied stout — smooth but strong, like its giving your insides a slow but firm push on its way down. The hops are strong but not overpowering, and tempered with maybe a tiny hint of chocolate  — and I’m guessing it has at least a 5% alcohol content; it’s not the Word of God running through your body, but it ain’t bad at all. Overall, I think it’s tastier than Guinness and significantly less filling, but still with all the heartiness of a stout — I personally prefer this, and highly recommend it. Although I’d imagine Cassidy the vampire would enjoy Annville Ale more than Jesse would.

I know stouts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t know how anyone not near Downers Grove would get their hands on a bottle anyways. So why am I reviewing it? Because 1) I mightily approve of all nerd-related beverage, especially alcoholic ones, and will try to promote them whenever I can, 2) I really want to get people into the habit of sending me free booze, and 3) my three-day weekend begins in an hour. ‘Nuff said.