Transformers Toys-You-Actually-Care-About Update



I’m not 100% I’ll get this all correct, so bear with me. The news is that the new issue of the Transformers Fan Club magazine and the fansite TFWorld have a pile of new Transformers figure info and pics. The reason these are the ones you care about is because it’s the Generations line, formerly known as the Classics line, which also includes figures from the War for Cybertron videogame. The next wave will be released in December, and include…

? Bumblebee Cybertron Mode
? Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode
? Cliffjumper Cybertron Mode
? Megatron Cybertron Mode
? Soundwave Cybertron Mode (shown above)
? Bumblebee
? Optimus Prime
? Megatron
? Drift
? Straxus

You can see pics of all of ’em at TFWorld. But that’s not all; the wave after that has been revealed, too, and I’ve got them listed with a very cool pic after the jump.

All right, the wave after the next wave, presumably coming out sometime in 2011, includes:

? Perceptor
? Bumblebee
? Fallback
? Mindset
? Special Ops Jazz
? Turbo Track
? Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime
? Wreck-Gar

few notes: Perceptor, formerly a microscope, will turn into a car; the
Laser Optimus is already and making a lot of TF nerds happy; and
Wreck-Gar actually has a pic:



Even if you didn’t love Eric Idle’s performance as the Junkion in the
Transformers movie, you have to admit, robots with mustaches are awesome
(that’s Perceptor on the lower right). The TF Club mag has more pics,
but none of Laser Optimus. TF nerds, if I got any of this wrong, please
feel free to correct me mockingly in the comments. (Via 16bit)