A Tiny, Awful Look at the Green Lantern Cartoon

Normally  when I run a bootleg trailer of something, I try to be a little circumspect about it so at least a few people can see it before it inevitably gets removed. But this ass-cam video of a snippet of the CG Green Lantern cartoon is so awful — by which I mean impossibly tiny, blurry and shaky, from what I can tell the animation and content seems fine (although admittedly I can barely tell) — that I don’t even care. For the record, the show will 1) apparently be set in space “98% of the time” and 2) it won’t feature Green Lantern’s origin, two things I’m immensely grateful for. Oh, and the Red Lanterns show up in season 1, so we’re moving straight to Geoff Johns’ Skittles Lantern saga, which I’m also fine with. Between this, Avengers and Young Justice, it looks like superhero cartoons are in exceedingly good shape. (Via Comics Alliance)