Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Thunderstruck

I am well aware this awesome mash-up of the Ghostbusters theme song and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” is old and has been around the block. However, it is awesome, and needs to be shown in case some people, like me, haven’t seen it yet; and besides, if I run something late, it’s not my fault but yours for not sending it to me earlier. Way to drop the ball on this one, guys. Good thing JPyke finally picked up the slack.

But the real reason I’m running it is for one of those nerd discussion points I like to bring up every so often — did the Dan Ackroyd nearly receiving a blowjob from a ghost sequence upset anyone else as a kid? Man, it did me. Admittedly, I was an awful little goody-goody as a child, but this thing went far beyond sexualizing a movie that didn’t need sexualizing. First of all, it sexualized Dan Ackroyd, which is vastly disturbing even when he was in his ’80s prime. Second of all, I still can’t watch this scene without being terrified that this time the ghost will pull his dick out, and I’ll have to see Dan Ackroyd’s erect penis. If the ghost was somehow visible, that would be a tiny bit comforting, since it might cover up things a little, but no, the ghost is totally invisible, so all we’d see is Ackroyd’s dick, swaying in the breeze. I’m actually getting upset just thinking about it now. And a little nauseous.