First Look at New Vintage Planet of the Apes Figures

NECA Twitter

I would love to post about other toy companies. Really, I would. But they’ve got some catching up to do with NECA when it comes to owning every license near and dear to our geeky hearts, and nailing the sculpt every time. The image above, of a Gorilla Soldier in progress, represents just the first five days of work, and according to the company, is nowhere near as cool as the final product will be (this being NECA, there will be multiple variants with different head sculpts, weapons, etc.).

They also have the rights to the new movies, so you will someday be able to stage a Retro-Caesar versus New Caesar fight…but no word yet on whether there’ll be a shirtless Charlton Heston to school those damn dirty apes, or teach all your other action figures how to use their guns correctly.