It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Lantern)


?With less than two months to go before its June 17th premiere, Green Lantern is no longer quite as finished as it was — Warner Bros. has decided to spend another $9 million to improve the CG special effects, according to Variety. Now, I thought the CG Lanterns and Oa and all that stuff looked pretty good in the last trailer, and I’m not one of those guys who’s pissed about Hal’s suit (this is possibly because I’m not a GL fan, but I like that it looks weird and unnatural, because it makes it seem more alien to me). So there are two possibilities here:

1) WB, realizing that the CG effects could be better and that they have a bit of time left, has decided to throw in $9 million in hopes of making the movie even better.
2) There are severe problems with some or all of the CG, and WB is desperately throwing money at the problem praying that they get fixed before the movie’s premiere.

While the last trailer would seem to imply the former possibility, I think we all know that no studio has ever ponied up this much money this late in a movie’s development unless they absolutely felt they had to. I smell trouble in Coast City, frankly. Thanks to Pollardy for the tip. (Via Joblo)