Duke Nukem Forever Has a Release Date (Again)



Retailers are listing the legendarily non-existent Duke Nukem Forever, recently picked up by Gearbox, as having a release date of February 1st, 2011. Since DNF hasn’t had a release date in several years, I figured this was news, even though I still personally don’t believe the game even exists (I think it might be a small elf that lives in your brain). Since Gearbox is supposedly so close to being done, you might be wondering why the release date is so late — and then I released if Gearbox’s DNF misses one release date, IT’D BE THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD. If they announced it for the holidays and had to delay it even a week, people would go absolutely apeshit; I know I would, not because I’d be upset, just because it’d be funny. So they probably padded out the release date and given themselves plenty of time, just in case. Better safe than sorry. Assuming, you know, the game is real and is really coming out. Which it’s not. (Via Kotaku)