DVD Day: October 12th, 2010



? Jonah Hex
Um… yeah. I’m only letting you know it’s out so you can rent it, because there’s no way anyone is going to buy this to own, right? ….right?

? Dollhouse: The Complete Second Season

Is this the first time this has been released? Enh, whatever. Suffice to say, the second season is much better than the first, but I don’t know that it’s worth watching the complete series, frankly.

? How to Train Your Dragon
I guess I’m mostly including this because we’re nerds and it has a dragon, but also because certain people have told me that this movie is hilarious and it’s really, really good. Anyone care to back that up?

? Lost Boys: The Thirst
The direct-to-DVD sequel that killed Corey Haim, I think.

? Arn: The Knight Templar
Some Swedish Crusades flick that’s gotten good reviews.

? Wolverine & the X-Men: The Complete Series
Only $22 for all 26 episodes. I never watched it, but that’s because I hate anything where Wolverine is put in charge of a team, since 30 years of Wolverine stories have indicated that’s the one thing the character shouldn’t do..

? Dexter’s Laboratory: Season One
Finally! $18 gets you two DVDs with 13 episodes. This is only available through Amazon, I believe, and who knows how long it might be available. Purchase now or hold your peace.

? The He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special
I know this has been released before, but I just wanted to tell you that I am one of the biggest He-Man apologists out there, and even I think this is a piece of shit. It’s just agony to watch, from start to finish. It makes the rest of the ’80s He-Man cartoon look grim and nuanced. It’s not as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special, but man, it isn’t good.

? Sexy Timetrip Ninjas
It’s some stupid and almost certainly dirt-cheap Japanese softcore flick, but I loved the title too much not to share it with you guys.