James Cameron Requests More of Your Money

Fresh of the release of the original avatar DVD and the extended theatrical re-release, James Cameron has announced a new Avatar DVD/Blu-ray combo of the extended theatrical release! Holy shit! I never would’ve imagined he was going to release that new version with more glowy shit in it, but he is! Thank the home tree! Or something!

Look, I know that pretty much none of us give a shit about Avatar any more, if we ever did. But every time this movie gets brought up, it makes me more and more upset. Seriously. It’s the #1 movie in the world, and the #1 Blu-ray. And yet it’s not very good. Oh, I still think the 3-D was impressive and worth seeing in theaters, but buying it on home video? Watching it again without 3-D? Or hell, watching it again in 3-D in the theaters? I just can’t fathom who would want to do that or why. I feel like I’ve woken up in a parallel universe where everything’s the same except an exceedingly mediocre, albeit expensive, film is the most popular movie in the world. I do not understand.