Johnny Depp Is the Best


?Objectively. Like, he’s the best person. Please listen to this (via the Daily Mail):

It’s not every day a Hollywood heart-throb pitches up in your classroom.

these Greenwich schoolgoers left the rest of Britain’s children – if
not parents – green with envy when they had a surprise visit from Johnny
Depp yesterday.

The star is currently in south-east London
filming the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides and
arrived at the Meridian Primary School dressed in full character as
Captain Jack Sparrow.

He made the one-off trip after
nine-year-old pupil Beatrice Delap wrote to the star asking for help
staging a ‘mutiny’ against the teachers, as he was filming at the nearby
18th century Old Naval College.

The school was told just ten minutes before that Depp would be arriving and two blacked-out cars swept through the school gates.

An onlooker said she heard the most ‘incredible screams of joy’ as the actor, in full make-up, then entered the school.

an interview on London Tonight after the visit, Beatrice revealed what
she had written in the letter to the star – or rather his salty seadog
alter ego.

She said: ‘Captain Jack Sparrow, At Meridian
Primary School, we are a bunch of budding young pirates and we were
having a bit of trouble mutiny-ing against the teachers, and we’d love
if you could come and help.

‘Beatrice Delap, aged nine, a budding pirate.’

said that she was then asked by the star to make herself known from the
assembled pupils once he arrived, and gave her a cuddle.

marvelled: ‘He gave me a hug and he said, “Maybe we shouldn’t mutiny
today ‘cos there are police outside monitoring me.”‘

So Johnny Depp, dressed in full Jack Sparrow garb, decided to visit a 9-year-old girl who wrote his character a letter. He made that girl’s life, and probably a lot of the other kids in school. He also donated 1,000,000 pounds to the hospital that saved his daughter’s life in 2007, although that’s pretty understandable — yet when he daughter was being treated, he also dressed as Captain Jack and would visit the other sick children and read to them. And he once left a nice waiter a $4,000 tip. And here’s the killer — he never told anybody any of this. He’s never once announced any of his good deeds; it’s been the school, the hospital, the waiter. So, I repeat: Johnny Depp is the best. (Via WWTDD)