Rock Band 3 Is… Wow, Just Wow

Seriously, I have nothing to say. Just watch this featurette on Rock Band 3‘s pro guitar mode — as well as the new pro guitar — and realize that everything is about to change, because Harmonix is about to make the easiest, most popular guitar-playing manual ever. Things are going to get crazy.

More importantly, the fact that you can plug it into an amp and just play it like a regular guitar is absolutely bewildering. There are going to be real bands — probably not big ones, admittedly — that will actually use this thing in concerts. They may be high school kids at first, and it might take 20 years, but they will get used in live performances. And eventually the music industry that factory produces pop stars will use these, because they’re easier to manipulate, they don’t have to be tuned, and neither the executives nor their audience care about sound fidelity. This is the entire future of music, right here. For good or ill, it is amazing.