Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Collectible, Part 2

scott pilgrims.jpg


After running that squished pic of the first Scott Pilgrim figure on Monday, Mezco was kind even to 1) confirm it was totally squished, 2) send me a non-squished pic, and 3) send me a pic of the other Scott figure, in his yellow shirt and wearing his jacket. The good news is that both figures will come with a sword and a guitar. The odd news is that while the green-shirt Scott will have a closed mouth head, the yellow-short Scott figure will be half closed-mouth, half-open. The non-news, I guess, is that I still don’t think basic, plain-posed action figures are doing Bryan Lee O’Malley’s art any favors, although I do think the yellow shirt version looks better than the green. And where the hell is a Ramona figure? I’d rather have her than Scott, frankly.